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Agency Platform

Take your insurance agents to the next level with our agency platform. Making it easier for them to manage their campaigns, customers, and notifications eventually earning more for you

Campaign management mobile.png

Campaign Management

  • Launch multiple campaigns with any selected group of agents showing them their targets and traction with live tracking of sales and performance

  • Allow agents to sell more levelling up for more benefits, commissions, support, and much more​

  • Allow agents to see all of the eligible campaigns, and details, as well as how they are ranking compared to others

  • Provide agents rankings and status inciting competition among peers and pushing agents to deliver more and faster

Agent Profile

  • Agents can adjust their own profiles and keep their information updated for their customers and for insurance companies to manage easily

  • New agents can be onboarded via online registration enabling insurance companies to gain more agents quickly without operational hassel

  • Auto profile pages are created for every agent branded in the company's UI. Such e-profiles can be shared on social media and other channels to help agents promote their business

  • Training modules allowing for agents to take quizzes, surveys, and training courses on the platform for quick approval and licensing

Agency profile and training.png
Agency commission module mobile.png

Commission module

  • Show agents how much commissions they are making for each of their sales over any period of time for maximum transparency and efficiency​

  • Allow agents to split their commissions with sub-agents down the chain

  • View live progress reports, commission statements, and revenues in exportable pdfs at any given time without having to deal with manual excel files

  • Ability to request withdrawals of commissions earned with automated payouts into bank accounts of agents coming soon!

Quotation and requests

  • Allow agents to ask for quotations instantly with a comparison of multiple plans as well as pdfs ready to send to customers for a quick turnaround

  • Agents can adjust the discounts they want to give customers within certain limits accessible by law

  • Payment for products can be done directly on the platform with a payment link sent to customers directly along with a quotation. Payments can be made via QR, credit card, debit, etc

  • With integration, policies can be issued instantly on the platform for agents with a credit term provided to agents for post-issuance consolidation

agency quotation mobile.png
Training module.png

Training Module

  • Customizable modules allow you to push training material, courses, and examinations to your agents at the push of a button

  • Get them to complete examinations, courses, surveys, and much more allowing them to unlock new products, sales skills, and licenses

  • Identity checks on agents with facial and ID card checks to ensure that they are the ones completing the task

  • Give points and rewards upon completion of training. Unlock new products as well as potentially increase commissions for the most trained

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