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Products and platforms

What we can do for you

Agency Management

  • Digitally enable your agents to sell more via the state-of-the-art platform that we've built using our industry-leading experience

  • Improving your sales by a few % points from your agency base could lead to millions in additional untapped sales yearly

  • Reduce operational workload in onboarding, training, and managing agents with our customizable modules and mobile-friendly platform

  • Manage incoming requests and quotations in a structured and timely manner by assigning tickets to staff intelligently

  • Run multiple sales-driven campaigns based on policies sold, gross written premiums, logins, product types, and many more giving transparency and visibility to agents boosting sales and efficiency ​​​

agency platform mobile.png
Referral and engagement platform mobile.png

Referral and Engagement

  • Engage with your end customer by providing them with a platform to manage their insurance policies, referrals, and notifications in one place

  • Acquiring new customers from our simple and easy-to-use referral program that rewards your customers as well as referred customers with transparency

  • Send leads generated to your agents automatically via our agency platform

  • Retain customers improving your customer lifetime value while reducing your acquisition costs via referrals

  • Get renewal notifications on all user’s policies well before expiration and eventually pay through the Eazy platform for them

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