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Referral and Engagement

Give your customers access to all of their insurance policies. Provide them with visibility on their purchases and reward them for leads generated via referral programs and campaigns which also reduce your customer acquisition costs

Referral Page


  • Acquiring a new customer via your existing customer base means improved conversion rates, more customers, lower costs, and better retention

  • Allowing end-users to visually see their referral network with gamification elements combined with an attractive referral fee means better referral rates

  • Creating a referral tree allowing users to earn from multiple levels of referrals

  • Product providers can adjust referral rates by-products as they please tweaking for performance and optimising customer acquisition costs


  • Users can take their products through the Wheel of Life where a random scenario generator cross check’s the user’s wallet to see what they would be covered for or not in an engaging way​

  • Withdraw the Eazy coins earned as cash easily or eventually use them as discounts on partner platforms for different promotions and offers

  • Get renewal notifications on all user’s policies well before expiration and eventually pay through the Eazy platform for them

Wheel of life
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