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Making it Eazier for insurance to digitize

With our industry leading expertises and practicle experience in building and transforming insurance companies and brokers, we know how to build platforms that agents and customers will want to use
Our Story

With over 15 years of combined experience in insurance, our team has seen and built successful technologies for insurance companies and brokers. We are now taking that skillset and solving a longstanding customer problem

Our Vision

Our goal is to build an engaging platform for financial products that allows for our partners to manage their customer referral program, user engagement, as well as a financial product wallet


Our platform is built with a customer-first perspective from our combined years of knowledge in going direct to consumer. We understand how to build a platform that customers will utilize and engage with

Who are we
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From the Co-Founder of with an exit to Bolttech

Meet The Team

Harprem Doowa
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Harprem Doowa was most recently the co-founder and CEO of Frank Insurance, an online digital broker based out of Thailand that innovated the way insurance was bought and sold. He successfully exited the company to Bolttech in 2020 and continued to work for Bolttech and CDO and Head of Insuretech for another 2 years before going back to his entrepreneurial roots

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Maethavee Sukul
Head of Operations
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Tintin was the head of operations of and of Bolttech Insurance Broker based in Thailand. Her entire career has been revolving around insurance starting with a masters degree in actuarial science, 3 years at AIG under the management trainee program and most recently the senior operations manager at Benix. She also has a degree in machine learning, quantitative & advance economic theory, and is now dabbling in AI

John Srivorakul
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John is a serial entrepreneur and one of the OGs of the startup scene in South East Asia. His list of companies and accomplishments include Admax, one of the earliest digital marketing agencies in Thailand, Ensogo which exited to Living social, aCommerce which is on the verge of an IPO, and last but not least Workmate which recently exited to Persol. He has been a CTO for over 20 years and is now helping us build our platform

Why Us

Why us?

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Improve efficiency

Digital transformation for companies will make it easier for companies to scale without adding additional headcount.


Enable Digitization

With our state-of-the-art platform, we enable agents and customers to interact with companies in a new way via web and mobile



Engaging with existing customer base is where profitability from retention, renewals, cross-selling and up-selling will come from for insurance providers

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Kickass Team

We have a kickass team with year of insurtech, entrepreneurship and operational experience to pull this off. With experiences in distribution, risk, actuarial, and C-level management

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Aegon Insights Thailand
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Thaisri Ergo Insurance Public Co. Ltd.
Dhipaya Insurance Public Co. Ltd.
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Sleep Happy Co. Ltd.
Sasin School of Management

Our Clients

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Tel: 02-021-0400

Bangkok, Thailand

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