Making it Eazier for insurance to digitize

With our industry leading expertises and practicle experience in building and transforming insurance companies and brokers, we know how to build platforms that agents and customers will want to use

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From the Co-Founder of with an exit to Bolttech

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What we can do for you

Agency Management

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Digitally enable your agents to sell more via the state-of-the-art platform that we've built using our industry leading experience
Improving your sales by a few % points from your agency base could lead to millions in additional untapped sales yearly
Reduce operational workload in onboarding, training, and managing agents with our customizable modules and mobile-friendly platform​ ​​​
Manage incoming requests and quotations in a structured and timely manner by assigning tickets to staff intelligently​
​Run multiple sales-driven campaigns based on policies sold, gross written premiums, logins, product types, and many more giving transparency and visibility to agents boosting sales and efficiency ​​​
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Direct to consumer platform

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Ready to use e-commerce platform designed specifically for the insurance industry
Leveraging on our 10+ years experience for the most optimised customer journey, designed mobile first and optimized with conversion in mind
Open up a new sales channel for your insurance company quickly and easily
Managed centrally from our Eazy Connect platform
System built with package comparison, payment collection, voucher codes management, customer login and more
PDPA and OIC approved customer journeys and flows

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Eazy vs Other

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Home Built Solutions

Modular platform with configurable integrations

Sales focused platform with clear path to ROI

Years of insurance knowledge and experience

Constantly updated platform and functionalities

Ready to use within weeks

ISO 27001 Certification

One platform,
endless capabilities.

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Training & Exam

Push training material, courses, and exams to your agents
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Request Platform

Login to handle requests from multiple brokers and agents.
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Agent Login

Allow agents to login to the platform via their credentials.
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Point Collection

Allow agents to collect points from all the products sold.
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Follow up the requests for multiple steps.
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Document Uploads

Agent can upload all documents relevant to the quotation required.
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KPIs Management

Manage KPIs and SLAs for staff individually or as a team
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Appointments & tasks

Create appointments and get reminders on a timely manner
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View Campaigns & Sales

Visually see sales and campaigns all in one place.
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Digital form to allow for quicker agent acquisitions.
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Agent Dashboard

View total premiums and sales by GWP, policies and # of customers.

Why Eazy?

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Improve Efficiency

Digital transformation for companies will make it easier for companies to scale without adding additional headcount.

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Enable Digitization

With our state-of-the-art platform, we enable agents and customers to interact with companies in a new way via web and mobile

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Engaging with existing customer base is where profitability from retention, renewals, cross-selling and up-selling will come from for insurance providers

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Kickass Team

We have a kickass team with year of insurtech, entrepreneurship and operational experience to pull this off. With experiences in distribution, risk, actuarial, and C-level management

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