March 24, 2024

Insurtech Story Podcast: How traditional brokers can embrace technological Innovations

Exploring Innovation: How Traditional Brokers Can Embrace Insurtech.


Embarking on a digital revolution, the insurance industry is undergoing a transformative phase, leaving traditional brokers at a crossroads. To remain relevant and competitive, embracing technological innovations is imperative. In a recent podcast episode, hosted by renowned author Surya Narayan Saha, the visionary Founder of Eazy Digital, Harprem Doowa, shares insights into seamlessly integrating technology, improving client services, and optimizing operations. Let's delve into the enlightening discussion and explore key takeaways for traditional insurance brokers.

Intersection of Tradition and Technology:
Initiating a pivotal conversation, the podcast explores navigating the intersection of tradition and technology. It delves into effective strategies for traditional insurance brokers to integrate and leverage technological advancements, striking a balance that preserves the industry's legacy while embracing the benefits technology has to offer.

Challenges in Adopting New Tools and Platforms:
As technology reshapes the insurance landscape, traditional brokers encounter specific challenges in adopting new tools and platforms. The discussion not only highlights these challenges but also provides actionable strategies to overcome them, ensuring a seamless transition to a tech-savvy approach. Overcoming resistance to change and addressing cybersecurity concerns emerge as crucial considerations for brokers navigating this transformation.

Staying Competitive Amidst Insurtech Disruption:
With insurtech startups disrupting the industry, the podcast explores how traditional brokers can not only stay afloat but thrive. Harprem Doowa and Surya Narayan Saha discuss key technological advancements that brokers should prioritize, including embracing data analytics, leveraging artificial intelligence, and implementing customer-centric technologies.


This podcast episode stands as a valuable resource for traditional insurance brokers seeking guidance on embracing technological innovations. As the industry undergoes rapid transformation, the insights shared by Harprem Doowa and Surya Narayan Saha offer a roadmap for brokers to navigate challenges, integrate technology effectively, and thrive in the dynamic landscape. To explore the full depth of this discussion, the episode is available on popular podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and the Insurtech Story website. By staying informed and adopting a tech-savvy approach, traditional brokers can ensure their continued relevance in an industry marked by continuous evolution and innovation.

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