March 19, 2024

Rising Giants Podcast: Lessons from a serial entrepreneur in Southeast Asia having Co-Founded 5+ startups!

Insights from a Southeast Asian Serial Entrepreneur with 5+ Startup Ventures!

Title: Unveiling Entrepreneurial Insights: Eazy Digital's Journey with Harprem Doowa on Rising Giants Podcast


Step into the world of Eazy Digital Co., Ltd. as we shine the spotlight on our Founder, Harprem Doowa, in the latest episode of Rising Giants. Renowned for crafting platforms that empower insurance companies to affordably embrace digitization, Harprem unfolds his entrepreneurial saga, sharing experiences and wisdom. From co-founding ventures like Frank (insurtech) and Orami/Moxy (lifestyle products) to exploring pet products with Petloft and Fluffi, Harprem's insights illuminate the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape in Southeast Asia.

Key Takeaways:

Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur:
Embark on a journey with Harprem Doowa, a serial entrepreneur in Southeast Asia whose experiences serve as a wellspring of insights for aspiring business leaders. The podcast delves into the challenges, triumphs, and evolution of entrepreneurship in the region, drawing lessons from the co-founding of over five startups.

Innovating the Insurance Industry:
Under Harprem's leadership, Eazy Digital Co., Ltd. is committed to democratizing insurance by enabling companies to digitize affordably. Explore the transformative power of technology in an industry historically shackled by paperwork. Harprem's perspective provides a glimpse into how innovation can streamline processes within the insurance sector.

The Importance of Straightforward Communication:
A standout insight from the podcast is the emphasis on straightforward communication in startup environments. Harprem highlights the critical role of addressing problems directly within a team, underscoring the value of transparency and open communication to overcome challenges crucial for startup success.

Harprem Doowa's presence on Rising Giants unveils a treasure trove of entrepreneurial insights. From navigating Southeast Asian markets to revolutionizing the insurance industry, Harprem's experiences serve as a roadmap for startups and tech enthusiasts. The three key takeaways — lessons from a serial entrepreneur, innovating the insurance industry, and the importance of straightforward communication — encapsulate the essence of the episode. Dive deeper into the discussion and explore Harprem's entrepreneurial journey by listening to the full episode here. As Rising Giants continues to spotlight influential figures in the startup ecosystem, each episode unravels stories and lessons contributing to the collective knowledge of the entrepreneurial community.

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